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Ways to Give


The UUSM auction is an annual tradition for our community. It's both a fun social event and an important fundraiser.  Members and friends give two ways at the auction; they donate auction items such as dinner parties or a week's rental at a condo and they donate their money by way of bidding generously on the auction items

New Building Fund

The New Building Fund is an investment in our future. The balance in the fund, currently approximately $500,000, and has grown over the years thanks to the generosity of our members and friends.

As the name suggests, the New Building Fund is a restricted fund and can only be used for the purchase or development of a new facility and not for the maintenance of our existing facility.


E-Scrip is a painless way to raise money for our community by way of our daily shopping, and it all happens behind the scenes.

Members simply register their debit or credit cards with e-Scrip and then proceed to shop at merchants which have signed-up with e-Scrip. Each merchant then donates to UUSM an amount based on a percentage of money spent by our members, sometimes as much as 5 or 10%.

This effort typically raises several thousand dollars a year and requires very little effort beyond the card registration process.

Using e-Scrip is a great way to support UUSM! Our group identification number with eScrip is 138057531.

Sign up for e-Scrip today!

Planned Giving

Planned Giving fits into the broader category of Estate Planning. At UUSM this has taken the form of members naming UUSM in their Wills or Living Trusts as well as contributions to our Pooled Income Fund.

The Pooled Income Fund is a professionally-managed fund that provides current income to the donor or their designee during their lifetime, a tax deduction to the donor at the time of the donation, and the principal becomes the property of UUSM when the donor or designee passes away.

Members making Planned Giving decisions that incorporate UUSM can designate the funds be used for a specific purpose, such as the New Building Fund, or can designate the funds to be unrestricted, in which case the Board of Trustees would manage the funds.