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Children's Religious Education




We’d like to welcome you to Religious Education for children and youth at the Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo. At UUSM, we hope to nurture the foundations of a meaningful, relevant, and vibrant faith, which includes an identity as a Unitarian Universalist, ethical development, and spiritual growth.  We honor each individual child’s need for and right to quest throughout life for meaningful truth while emphasizing the importance of relationship, inter-dependence, and connection to the our human community and the earth. 


At UUSM, we offer an array of programs for children and youth to help them explore and celebrate their own faith as Unitarian Universalists. Our Sunday morning program includes different types of activities to meet the needs of all kids, regardless of their particular interests or learning style. While the youngest children are taken care of by our loving nursery staff, older children will experience a mix of curricula throughout the year.


Nurturing a strong faith can’t be accomplished by in one weekly, hour-long Religious Education class alone. We hope to find ways to develop faith outside of the classroom by acting for justice, caring for others, connecting with one other, and worshipping in community. It is important that children and youth are integrated fully into the life of our community and participate in the many ways to develop faith. We hope that your family finds your experience at UUSM to be deep, challenging and fun. 


At UUSM, we believe that children and youth are intelligent, spiritual, and complete human beings and that we all learn best in an atmosphere where we feel safe, respected, heard, and cared for. The ways in which our adult community relates to them and to one another are the most profound lessons we have to give. Thank you for joining us in building the beloved community where we all can learn and grow together.

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