Youth – Bridging Journey 2020

“roots hold me close, wings set me free” – STLT #123

UU San Mateo is excited to offer Bridging Journey in 2019-2020 for high school juniors and seniors!

A YRUUP youth council meeting at UU San Mateo (photo courtesy yruup)

This capstone course explores and celebrates UU identity and the personal beliefs of our youth as they prepare to bridge into UU young adults. Topics include navigating transitions, ethical decision making, identity, recognizing one’s spiritual and social gifts, looking ahead to the journey, and congregational support.

This series is easy on your schedule, with only six sessions spread over the year.

Classes will be offered on Sundays from 4-6 pm.

  • October 6, 2019
  • November 3
  • December 1
  • January 12
  • March 15
  • April 26, 2020

(UUSM’s bridging service will be May 3)

The Bridging Journey course is a stand-alone offering, open to all youth in grades 11-12. It does not require attending Sunday youth group also, if your plate is already full. It’s a busy world, we get it!

The Bridging Journey culminates in a special bridging ceremony for the seniors – in which the juniors play a key role, and who will themselves experience bridging the following year. This course is offered every other year, so please encourage juniors to sign up, so they can also prepare for and acknowledge this important milestone in their journey through life.

Registration is Open! Please talk to Tanya Webster, UUSM Youth DRE, or email