By signing the Membership Book, we covenant together in fellowship
to foster liberal religious values and individual freedom of belief,
to further democratic processes in all human relations,
to affirm the basic dignity of every person,
and through strength of unity, to give expression to these convictions.

– UUSM Bylaws, Article II: Purpose

Welcome Circle

The Path to Membership begins in the Welcome Circle. Welcome Circles are held immediately following Worship Service on the first and third Sundays of every month. We recommend you attend more than once, because a different aspect of our UU faith and congregational life will be addressed at each meeting.

Attend “Getting to Know UU”

A Getting to Know UU orientation is a more formal opportunity to meet our Minister and learn about Unitarian Universalism, our congregation, and our own spiritual journeys. We discuss the benefits and responsibilities of membership and invite you to join the congregation when you are ready.

The Four T’s – What makes your heart sing?

Take time before signing the Membership Book to consider your readiness to pledge your Time, Talent, Treasure and Trust to this congregation. The secret to spiritual transformation lies in commitment to community. The four T’s are at the heart of the Path to Membership.

  • Time – Serving in one of many tasks on Sunday mornings is a good way to begin your commitment of Time and Talent. From Ushers/Greeters and Coffee Hour Hosts to Childcare Volunteers, everyone has a part to play. See the Connections Coordinator for a list of opportunities.
  • Talent – UUSM is a cooperative enterprise with a small paid staff. This offers opportunities to share your Time and Talent in many fulfilling ways. You may discover you have a talent you never knew about. Sharing your talents is part of your membership pledge.
  • Treasure – Members are also expected to pledge a sustainable financial contribution in accordance with their own circumstances. Pick an amount that is comfortable for you to contribute regularly. Your pledge allows us to plan our annual budget. You can pledge on-line using the Donate Now button on this website’s home page, or download a pledge form and pick a payment method you prefer.
  • Trust – Trust our congregation and the process of transformation that comes from participating with a loving heart.

Have fun!

Get to know more of us by helping with and attending our many social events, such as a potluck, the annual congregational picnic, fundraising activities, and seasonal Circle Dinners.

Sign the Membership Book

Let the Minister or Connections Coordinator know when you are ready to sign the Membership Book. You can sign anytime in the presence of the Minister or a staff member or other congregational witness. Enjoy the benefits of membership, but let your UU identity continue to mature as you learn more and practice our faith.

Participate in worship

Worship is the central activity of our community; it is our time of gathering for strength, reflection, celebration, and learning. Simple miracles unfold each time we gather! To reap the full benefit and build relationships, attend regularly.

Engage in spiritual growth opportunities

As a member, we expect you will cultivate your spiritual life, and we pledge to support your work through life-long learning opportunities. There are on-going small-group ministries that discuss and reflect on timeless spiritual issues, affinity groups for different ages and interests, and workshops on specific topics or tasks. Social-justice work at UUSM is spiritually expanding for many.

Participate in our democracy

We ask that our members keep themselves informed about the congregation’s direction and participate in our governance. Your voice is important. Congregational meetings are held several times each year. Members may also represent the congregation at denominational assemblies. You are now part of the larger UU world.

The Rights of Membership

As a member:

  • You have the right to vote at all congregational meetings and elections.
  • You may represent the congregation and vote at denominational assemblies. Membership in the congregation includes membership in denominational bodies.
  • You can be nominated and elected to serve on any standing committee. You can also serve as chair of an appointed committee or team.
  • You will join us to “stand and be counted” as a liberal religious body so that we may have more influence in making real the values and vision we have for ourselves and the world around us.
  • You will receive a subscription to the UU World magazine, the bi-monthly journal of our tradition.