Please note:

This is not a complete list of resources, nor is it official or medical advice from UUSM. Please contact the authorities or your medical doctors for answers to anything concerning your health, safety, and COVID-19.

UUSM-Specific Information

Read Rev. Ben’s announcement

Request assistance  (shopping, care, financial help, etc for UUSM members and friendsS)

Contact the Office (for Rev. Ben, Connie, Joel, Karyn, Tanya)

Unitarian Universalist Association resources about doing everything online

Volunteer in our Congregation

Music videos created by Joel Chapman and the UUSM Choir for UUSM’s virtual services


Helpful Links & Videos


INTERNATIONAL Sources and Information

World Health Organization (WHO): COVID-19

Worldwide COVID-19 Data

COVID-19 Projections by Country — Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation (IHME), U. of Washington


FEDERAL Sources and Information

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Coronavirus (COVID-19)

CDC Guidance for Community- and Faith-Based Organizations

Be Kind to Your Mind: Tips to cope with stress and anxiety during COVID-19 (CDC)

Interim Reopening Guidance (CDC)

US Small Business Administration Coronavirus Relief Options fraud warning

Coronavirus in the U.S.: Where cases are growing and declining (National Geographic)


STATE OF CALIFORNIA Sources and Information

Resources to Support Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak and Climate Crises (UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences / Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)

California For All resource card, AARP’s one-stop information guide on COVID-19   (State of California and AARP)



COUNTY OF SAN MATEO Sources and Information

San Mateo County Health Officer Announcements 

San Mateo County Shelter-in-Place FAQs, effective 05/04/20

San Mateo County COVID-19 Data

San Mateo County COVID-19 Donations

San Mateo County COVID-19 Volunteering

San Mateo County Resource Mapping Tool.

San Mateo County Free Food Pantries (and help paying bills)

Information about local COVID-19 testing


CITY OF SAN MATEO Sources and Information

City of San Mateo: COVID-19 Updates

Impact on City Services

San Mateo Foster City School District Family Resources for Distance Learning

Mental Health Resources for San Mateo Students (school district)


MISCELLANEOUS Sources and Information

Interactive Map for COVID-19 Cases by US States and Counties (Harvard Global Health Institute)

Advice on shopping and receiving food deliveries (private MD)

Special Shopping Hours for Seniors and Vulnerable People

How to correctly wash your hands (John Hopkins)

Resources for Remote Learning: For Students, Parents, and Educators

YMCA virtual exercise classes (many free to the public) (YMCA of SF)

Take a Deep Breath at