Sunday, January 19, 2020
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Beck Hall

During Coffee Hour, former UUSM Member Mildred Pitts Walter will sign copies of her autobiography, Something Inside So Strong: Life in Pursuit of Choice, Courage, and Change, in which she recollects major touchstones in her life. Divided into three parts, “Choice,” “Courage,” and “Change,” the autobiography covers Mildred’s life beginning with her childhood in the 1920s and moving to the present day.

In “Choice,” Mildred describes growing up in a deeply segregated Louisiana and includes memories of school, rural home life, World War II, and participating in neighborhood activities like hog killing and church revivals. “Courage” documents her adjustment to living away from family, her experiences teaching in Los Angeles, and her extensive work with her husband for the Los Angeles chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality. The final section, “Change,” shows how Mildred’s writing and activism merged, detailing her work as an education consultant and as an advocate for nonviolent resistance to racism. It also reveals how her world travels expanded her personal inquiry into Christianity and African spirituality. Something Inside So Strong is one woman’s journey to self-discovery.

Here is the link to Mildred’s publisher:


Here is a video of Mildred Pitts Walter being interviewed for the Civil Rights History Project in 2014: