Thursday, August 6, 2020
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Zoom Meeting

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July 23: Julia Wilson
Living with heart: how coaching skills build self-awareness & resiliency
Coaching is a process that starts with curiosity, moves through stages of increasing self-awareness and learning, and that time supports making new choices and achieving change. This interactive 90-minutes will lead you through a set of coaching skills that support becoming more present to your own life. Build positive intelligence by naming your inner critics and getting in touch with your inner leader. Identify your inner assets, and learn how to play with a variety of perspectives. Come play with Julia and learn more about how coaching can transform your life.

July 30: Dr. Tom Newman
Safely Doing Less
The US spends much more on healthcare than other countries, and our outcomes are worse. In this lecture, using examples mostly from his own research, Dr. Tom Newman will show how one way to spend less is to do less, and that doing less may actually lead to better health.

Tom is Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Pediatrics at UCSF. Much of his career has involved questioning (and teaching others to question) established healthcare practices.

August 6: Dr. Neela Patel
The Winding Path to a New Cancer Drug
In this lecture, Dr. Neela Patel will share some of the excitement and frustrations of the search for new drugs to treat cancer.

Dr. Patel has worked on discovery of new drugs for the past 25 years.

August 13: Tom McCune.
Lessons Learned from the Spanish Flu
The Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918 through 1920 had profound effects on the country and world. Tom’s family were among the first people infected with the Spanish flu and were profoundly affected by it. His talk summarizes the historical aspects of the Spanish flu and includes some “lessons learned” of value in the COVID-19 pandemic today.

August 20: Open. This could be you.