❤Welcome to
Religious Exploration for Kids
at UUSM!


UUSM is a place for the whole family, a place where kids and grownups alike can find a spiritual home. We welcome kids to explore their spirituality by building community, learning to respect differences, playing, discussing beliefs, singing, making art, and expressing themselves creatively.

Religious Exploration (RE) isn’t like regular school. We want to support kids in their own “free and responsible search for truth and meaning” and “use of the democratic process” by giving them choices about what they do each Sunday. Whether it’s working on Faith in Action projects they care about, getting involved in the worship service as greeters or chalice lighters, creating art, playing games, or something else they decide for themselves, we want to make our RE program a place where kids have a voice.

Parents as Spiritual Guides

Parents are the most important people in a child’s spiritual development. We invite parents to come into our classrooms regularly to share a spiritual activity together, to encourage more connection, compassion, and kindness. We also offer Parent Circles so that parents have a supportive and spiritual setting in which they can talk about the joys and challenges of raising kids.

Curriculum that Counts

We know that kids need lots of different kinds of experiences to make meaning of the world. Our curriculum offers a range of experiences, including sharing stories, creating art, singing, playing games, learning about UU principles and history, and taking action for social justice.

For more information, send an email to Tanya Webster, Director of Religious Exploration.