Beloved Conversations: Meditations on Race and Ethnicity is a curriculum for exploring the role of race/ethnicity in individual and congregational lives. Developed by Meadville-Lombard Theological School, Beloved Conversations uses a small-group ministry format to create a supportive space for congregants to talk about their own experiences, while identifying places where growth is necessary. As an instrument of faith formation, it offers participants a chance to rediscover the sacred and important presence of compassion, grace, risk-taking, vulnerability, and the healing joy when cross-racial relationships are reconciled.

UU San Mateo has offered this curriculum for three consecutive years, and we will be offering it again in the spring of 2020. We hope you will join the growing number of UUs who have experienced the transformative power of this curriculum in:

  • building multicultural competencies
  • increasing understanding of our local context
  • deepening awareness of systems of white power and privilege
  • ministering to all participants including peoples of color (peoples of the global majority)
  • practicing tough, compassionate conversations across many intersections of identities and oppressions
  • creating compassionate, justice-making community.

For additional information, contact the Beloved Conversations program coordinators.