Like many Unitarian Universalist congregations, UUSM offers a Coming of Age curriculum for youth in grades 8 through 10. This program is designed to promote, honor, and affirm our teenagers’ passage toward the greater freedoms and responsibilities of adulthood, and to impart a deeper comprehension of and appreciation for Unitarian Universalism. Key themes are exploring values, beliefs, spiritual life, and UU identity.

The program has four parts:

  • discussions and retreats that foster self-awareness and confidence-building
  • service to the church and community
  • pairing youth with adult mentors
  • a culminating affirmation ceremony

By participating, the youth understand they have an important role in their families, their church, and the larger community; develop a personal value system; and realize they are non-judgmentally accepted in our community and that it is a safe place for them to be themselves. 

Coming of Age is offered every other year, and will next be offered in 2020-21.