The High School Youth Group meets most weeks on Sunday afternoon.

High school youth play a vital role in leading our congregation forward and growing our spiritual home. Represent justice causes, strengthen your own goals, anchor yourself with self-care practices that help with stress, explore what it means to you to be UU, learn about ethical decision making, go on outings, and more.

We welcome all of you, just come as you are.

Youth develop relationship and leadership skills within a covenantal community of their peers and adult advisors. Their program is balanced through the year in the areas of Building Community, Social Action, Worship, Learning, Leadership, and Congregational Involvement.

To sign up, learn more, or join the youth email list, contact Tanya Webster, Director of Religious Exploration.

“We light this flame to ignite our hearts and minds— the spark of knowledge that enlightens, the shimmering hope that burns, the blazing love that engulfs our actions, the bonfire of our commitment.” – Linda lee Franson