Speaker: Betsy Taub

What’s in your Earthquake Kit?

Earthquakes (and pandemics) happen! Bay Area residents probably have a well-stocked earthquake or emergency kit, but what do we pack for the spiritual earthquakes, the unexpected events that shake our souls? Today we consider how we might prepare for the next (or current) Big One.

And Study War No More

In today’s Memorial Day observance, we look at the prevailing, permanent presence of war, remember lives lost, and hold a COVID-19 Grief and Gratitude Ritual. Please have a candle available nearby, and some small stones or rocks to commemorate those who have died.


Passover in Retrospect and Now

As we continue to live through the pandemic, we consider God / The Divine — April’s theme — in relation to three major religious holidays this month. With Passover starting Wednesday, Betsy Taub shares reflections on past Passovers and their present-day applicability. Rev. Ben helps us consider the monthly theme’s relevance and meaning in our own lives, and in our community.


This service will honor the Jewish high holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We will explore the ways we miss the mark and the ways we return to wholeness through forgiveness.


Transcending Loneliness

This worship service will consider the epidemic nature of Loneliness — whether among millennials, the geriatric set, or other folks in between. Causes of so much loneliness and some recommendations as to how to combat it will be suggested. Loneliness is not something to hide … read more.