Speaker: Connie Spearing

Listening from your Heart

A good place to start any spiritual growth is through deep listening. Our lives are full of voices, calling from within and without. The more alert we are, the more clamorous those voices can seem. What is your heart saying, and how will you respond?

What’s in your Earthquake Kit?

Earthquakes (and pandemics) happen! Bay Area residents probably have a well-stocked earthquake or emergency kit, but what do we pack for the spiritual earthquakes, the unexpected events that shake our souls? Today we consider how we might prepare for the next (or current) Big One.

Building Beloved Community: Virtual and Real

Projections say we may not be able to come together safely in large gatherings (to sing together, etc.) until a year from now…in May or even September of 2021. How do we build Beloved Community in this time of physical distancing? Our June Congregational Meeting will take place as an extension of this brief service.

Earth Day

What is the relationship between Earth Day and God / The Divine? We honor and celebrate our seventh principle — the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. UUSM’s children are featured, and guests Clovice Lewis and Carol Cole-Lewis offer special music.

Centering Love

It’s easy to list the many injustices, oppressions, and evils we are fighting against, but how often do we re-connect with the world we are fighting for? On this third Sunday of Advent, join Rev. Ranwa Hammamy, Executive Director of the UU Justice Ministry of California, for a shared exploration of what we imagine when we dream of a world with love at the center. Stay afterward for our congregation’s annual Holiday Party! Bring a poinsettia to decorate in celebration of the holiday season. Check out the decoration and jewelry-making tables, and enjoy a lunch provided by the Berdoulay family.

Who Took My God?

This worship service will examine fundamental questions at the root of the Unitarian Universalist experience over time. Those questions are more important now than ever because they help us define the very nature of reality.

Because this service directly precedes Halloween / All Souls Day / … read more.