Speaker: Diana Chung

Do we still need heroines and heroes?

Who inspires or gives us courage in hard times? How do examples of our s/heroes help sustain us in challenging times and give us strength to make the world a more just place?

Video Highlights
Sermon by Dr. Neela Patel
“Wind Beneath My Wings” sung by Music Director … read more.

A Generous Love

Love and acts of generosity can change a person’s life for the better — for both the receiver and the giver. Join this all-ages worship when we explore love, celebrate generous natures, and offer a special congregational dedication for one of our newly born.

A Lullaby for Mothers

This service honors all who are mothers or have mothers. Our Children’s Choir will bestow sweet blessings of song!

20190512 UUSM A Lullaby For Mothers
Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo, California.  Highlights from
Sunday Service.  May 12, 2019.  “Lullaby for Mothers”.  Reflections by
Diana Chung and Caryl Hughan.  Music … read more.

Passover and Easter

In this holiday season, we welcome the Rev. Dr. John Buehrens to our pulpit, and once again celebrate musical gifts created by our adult and children’s choirs. Some believe Easter is about being saved from sin and death; others yearn for the coming of what … read more.