Speaker: Jose Mendez

Living in a Liminal Time

Liminality is a transitional time between the past (and what must be left behind), and the future (with its promise of transformation). It is a time of letting go and moving forward … but of what and towards what, we are not certain. So we stand at a threshold, uncertain but hopeful.

It’s a Very Hard Job

Recalling a brief encounter with a humble, imperfect, and extraordinary person, Worship Leader Bill Heavlin explores Covenant, our congregational theme for September, by interweaving Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the Hindu concept of dharma, and the wisdom of the Blackfoot people.



Highlights from Sunday Service.  “It’s A … read more.

Prayers for Caregivers

Prayer is a powerful spiritual practice that can be as spontaneous and graceful as a hope or a wish. This service will explore care giving and the importance of prayer while both giving and receiving care. Reflections include the spiritual practice of gratitude; praying to … read more.

It Matters What We Believe

The journey from being raised in a hell-fire-and brimstone-faith to the liberating theology of Unitarian Universalism is the subject of this personal reflection by Lynn Ewing, long-time member of UUSM. Lynn served as the UUSM’s Director of Religious Education for 10 years, and has continued … read more.