Speaker: Karyn Collins

Listening from your Heart

A good place to start any spiritual growth is through deep listening. Our lives are full of voices, calling from within and without. The more alert we are, the more clamorous those voices can seem. What is your heart saying, and how will you respond?

Considering the Divine: Ramadan

Our exploration of God / The Divine theme concludes with a consideration of Ramadan, which begins April 23. Longtime UUSM member Katherine Preston-Watson, a Sufi UU, shares her thoughts about this time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion and worship for the world’s Muslims. Karyn and Shaun Collins offer special music, along with Joel Chapman and Paul Zawilski.

Mixed Blessings

Thanksgiving can be a complex time for people. The story of Thanksgiving itself is complex. We will reflect upon the gratitude and thanksgiving of years past and years future. Join us in the embrace of loving community and for a bowl of “stone” soup prepared … read more.