Speaker: Rev. Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar

Mixed Blessings

Thanksgiving can be a complex time for people. The story of Thanksgiving itself is complex. We will reflect upon the gratitude and thanksgiving of years past and years future. Join us in the embrace of loving community and for a bowl of “stone” soup prepared … read more.


Mystics for centuries have experienced a great unity, in the vein of “all is One.” What are they experiencing? Are they capturing some truth about the nature of reality? What’s going on in their brains? What’s the human science behind this spiritual experience? Let’s explore!


This service will honor the Jewish high holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We will explore the ways we miss the mark and the ways we return to wholeness through forgiveness.


Post-apocalyptic Church

In a world of suffering, what is church for and what do we need from one another? Our sabbatical minister Rev. Sarah will explore this central question in her first sermon with our community. Come for the warm community, the sacred silence, wise words, and moving music. Stay after the service, if you like, for a welcome reception for Rev. Sarah and a fond farewell to the Chung-Williamson family … moving to Denmark and new adventures!