Speaker: Sarah Firestone

Burning Bowl / Planting Urn

As we welcome Rev. Ben Meyers back to the pulpit following his sabbatical, we welcome the new year with a multigenerational service of letting go and looking ahead. We will ritually burn away that which we wish to leave behind, and plant the seed of that which we would like to grow in the year ahead. Remember to take a poinsettia home to love!

Lighting a Candle in the Darkness: A multi-generational observance of Chanukah

What does it take to light a candle in the darkness? Hope? Faith? Why did the Maccabees light the lamp in the temple when they knew they had enough oil for only one night? Did they hope for a miracle? Or did they decide it was better to light the lamp that night even if the flame died before they got new oil? We’ll explore these questions at this multi-generational observance of Chanukah.