Topic: Beloved Community

If being UU were a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

The holiday of Purim commemorates a time when Persia’s Jews were saved from extermination by a courageous young woman who risked comfort and safety to benefit the greater good. How do we respond to today’s environmental turning, social-equity awakening, and racial-justice reckoning?

Side with Love: “30 Days of Love” Culmination

We join the UUA’s “30 Days of Love” culminating celebration! What if “side with love” means making bold, faith-full choices that are a bit scary? Worship leaders and musicians from across the country offer hopeful, challenging reminders about what we’re called to do and be.

Hearts and Hands: A Care-demic Outbreak

The pandemic has made UUSM’s Pastoral Care team more important than ever before. Today we’ll acknowledge the many people involved in this vital work, and the contributions they make to keep our Beloved Community as whole, healthy, and connected as possible during this challenging time.