Topic: God / The Divine

Considering the Divine: Ramadan

Our exploration of God / The Divine theme concludes with a consideration of Ramadan, which begins April 23. Longtime UUSM member Katherine Preston-Watson, a Sufi UU, shares her thoughts about this time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion and worship for the world’s Muslims. Karyn and Shaun Collins offer special music, along with Joel Chapman and Paul Zawilski.

Earth Day

What is the relationship between Earth Day and God / The Divine? We honor and celebrate our seventh principle — the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. UUSM’s children are featured, and guests Clovice Lewis and Carol Cole-Lewis offer special music.

Something about Jesus

We continue considering God / The Divine, our April congregational theme, this time through the lens of Easter. Rev. Ben explores the centrality of “loving our neighbors as ourselves” in our UU heritage and values.

Passover in Retrospect and Now

As we continue to live through the pandemic, we consider God / The Divine — April’s theme — in relation to three major religious holidays this month. With Passover starting Wednesday, Betsy Taub shares reflections on past Passovers and their present-day applicability. Rev. Ben helps us consider the monthly theme’s relevance and meaning in our own lives, and in our community.