Topic: Transcendence

Test the Power of We

Guest Minister Rev. Jay Atkinson joins us having just returned from gathering with thousands of UUs in Spokane, WA, where the theme for this year’s UUA General Assembly was “The Power of We.” On this Sunday just before our national observance of Independence Day, the … read more.

Transcending Loneliness

This worship service will consider the epidemic nature of Loneliness — whether among millennials, the geriatric set, or other folks in between. Causes of so much loneliness and some recommendations as to how to combat it will be suggested. Loneliness is not something to hide … read more.

Let Your Life Sing!

Don’t miss our annual Music Festival, featuring both our adult and children’s choirs as well as something for all ages! We will revisit and celebrate the worship themes of this past year, when the theme has been “Let Your Life Speak”. We will also include … read more.