Working together to transform ourselves and the world

– UUSM Mission

We Unitarian Universalists live our faith by DOING.

Whether in community with others or as individuals, we know that active, tangible expressions of love, justice, and peace are what make a difference. Embracing peace, love, and understanding that goes beyond individual belief systems, we are creators of positive change in people and in the world.

At UU San Mateo, we live our faith by DOING a variety of things together:


Worship is the central activity of our community, providing us with the inspiration we need for everything else we do. UUSM’s Sunday morning worship services give us the opportunity to come together as a community and consider things of worth, and there are also many other opportunities throughout the week, both inside and outside our walls, to take time for practicing spiritual inspiration.


Learning is another key element of our community’s life. UUSM embraces lifespan religious exploration, which means our learning programs start with lively and engaging activities for children and youth, and continue on to include powerful and thought-provoking opportunities for adults as well.

Social Justice Ministry

Social Justice Ministry provides us with opportunities to take who we are as a faith community outside our walls to engage in social action. At UU San Mateo, our members have created a program of social-justice activities which makes a difference in people’s lives by making the world a more just place.

Caring for One Another

Caring for One Another is another important aspect of our community’s life. Our individual journeys through life sometimes present challenges we cannot – and should not – have to handle alone. It’s nice to know there’s always a helping hand available at UUSM to provide that extra bit of assistance, especially when it comes with such a loving touch!

Having Fun Together

Having Fun Together describes the things we do together in community because we enjoy each other’s company. They’re fun, of course, but they also provide us with lots of ways to get to know each other better and grow deep and meaningful relationships, thereby building a stronger community.

UUA Denominational Activities

UUA Denominational Activities allow UUSM members to collaborate with UUs from other congregations, both locally and throughout our country, by attending regional and national assemblies, and participating in special projects of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), the UU Service Committee, and the UU California Legislative Ministry.

How Things Work

How Things Work describes the many critical entities within UUSM that support all of this DOING, making sure it all works well. This includes governance, campus planning, facilities, finance, and volunteering.