It takes a village to keep UU San Mateo working well. Here is a description of how that village works.

Governance and Operations

  • It all starts with the Congregation, the ultimate authority at UUSM. The Congregation has several major responsibilities:
    • electing members to serve on its Board of Trustees
    • voting on motions brought forward by the Board
    • calling (and dismissing) ministers who serve the congregation.
  • The Board of Trustees is responsible for the short-term operations of and long-term planning for the Congregation.
  • The Lead Minister is a well-trained professional who has been called to lead UUSM.
  • Staff Members are professionals who possess specialized skills in areas identified as important for the life and health of the congregation.
  • The Congregation, Board of Trustees, Minister, and Staff work together to further the Mission and Vision of our congregation.

Facilities Planning and Maintenance

  • The Campus Development Task Force (CDTF) has responsibility for designing and executing the plan that will optimize UUSM’s campus and facilities, consistent with our congregation’s Mission and Vision. Created as a result of UUSM’s recent Capital Campaign, this group is charged with determining how best to utilize the funds raised during that campaign.
  • The Facilities Committee is a group of members who take responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and repair of UUSM’s facilities. They manage the majority of their work through the staging of periodic Campus Fix-It Days (to which we’re all invited!), but when the tasks get to be too complicated for our members, the Facilities Committee contacts and manages outside service providers.

Volunteering and Member Recognition

  • With such a small paid staff, it’s no surprise that most of the work that gets done in our community is through Volunteering. The work of community is indeed rewarding, and here at UUSM, there is something for everyone to do that will help build beloved community. It is through donating our time and talent to this life of this community that we are able to transform ourselves and the world.
  • The work of exceptional volunteers is acknowledged and rewarded each year through the presentation of several awards that comprise our Member Recognition program.

Financial Commitment

  • UUSM depends upon the financial generosity of its members and friends to not just survive but thrive, so we can continue delivering vital programs and expand our reach into the community. Visit the Donate Now page to learn about the importance of making a annual financial pledge and becoming part of UUSM’s Sustainable Giving program.
  • In addition to annual giving there are a number of Other Ways to Give to support this beloved community.