UUSM’s Board of Trustees is elected by and acts on behalf of UUSM’s membership to promote the realization of the congregation’s Mission and Vision.

The Board governs with an emphasis on:

  • outward vision rather than internal preoccupation
  • encouragement of diversity in viewpoints
  • collective rather than individual decisions
  • future viewpoint rather than past or present, and with a proactive rather than reactive focus.

There are nine positions on the UUSM Board of Trustees – four officers (president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary) who serve for one-year terms and can be re-elected for a second one-year term; and five general trustees, who serve for two-year terms but go on to hold officer positions. Each board member serves as liaison to one or more functional areas within our community, such as Religious Exploration, the Facilities Committee, or the Campus Development Task Force. Nominations for new officers and trustees are made each spring by the Leadership Development Committee, and are approved by members at a congregational meeting. 

UUSM’s 2021-2022 Board of Trustees

Officers, trustees, and liaison responsibilities for the 2021-2022 congregational year are as follows:

RoleTrusteeLiaison Responsibilities
PresidentBetsy TaubCampus Development Task Force
Vice PresidentSheila SandowCommunications / Website / Open Circles
TreasurerTom NewmanFinance
SecretaryKathy Kinner
Trustee 1Jose MendezSocial Justice
Trustee 2Alison WhiteCommittee on Ministry
Trustee 3Eder IzaguirreMedia Tech
Trustee 4Colaine L.A. RoepkeReturning Task Force / Moving Forward Together
Trustee 5Lisa StalteriSocial Justice / Anti-Racism Coalition


Board-meeting agendas and minutes are located here. If you wish, you can send an email to the Board of Trustees.

Board Meetings

The UUSM Board of Trustees meets once each month, usually from 7 to 9 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month, to discuss the community’s needs and to make decisions on its behalf. All members are welcome to attend; check the Congregational Calendar to confirm dates, times, and locations.

Serving on the UUSM Board of Trustees

For information about serving on the UUSM Board of Trustees, please send an email to the Leadership Development Committee.