The Campus Development Task Force (CDTF) is tasked with coordinating the use of our capital campaign funds on campus-improvement projects, including a new education building and major remodels of existing buildings to improve accessibility and modernize our century-old facilities.

The CDTF spent 2018 reviewing the congregation’s space needs and hiring an architectural firm to draft a new campus plan. Our work is guided by UUSM’s vision, which was approved by the congregation in September 2018.

Together, we create a welcoming, diverse, and vibrant community,
where our accessible, sustainable campus is a sanctuary for spiritual growth;
a center for transformative love and justice;
and a home for liberal religious exploration, education, and empowerment.


Bringing our vision to life:

This video is a 3D rendering of the plans our architect has created.


Our November 2018 presentation to the congregation can be found below:


The CDTF offers ongoing opportunities for care-filled communication with the congregation on the following:

  • How our physical spaces promote our mission and express our values
  • The development of UUSM’s Master Plan
  • Design ideas and project management considerations, including the sequence and timing of projects
  • Pressing infrastructure needs
  • The creative constraints posed by local regulations
  • The financial management of capital campaign funds and capital expenditures.


Ways to be involved with Campus Development


Meet the CDTF