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Generosity is a core value of our congregation, and giving is a spiritual practice for many of us. For our community to continue to grow its impact and reach out to the wider community, UUSM requires a consistent level of financial support from its members and friends.

Our Fundraising Objectives

Our congregation’s fundraising objective is to raise sufficient funds annually to support our key programs, pay operating expenses, and ensure our long-term financial security. Accomplishing that objective requires that each and every UUSM member and friend participate in the financial support of this community to the best of their ability. An important responsibility of being a UUSM member or friend is to make an annual financial commitment that takes the form of a recurring financial contribution-of-record to support and sustain this congregation’s Mission and Vision.

About Sustainable Stewardship

Our Sustainable Stewardship program is designed to provide reliable ongoing support to our community with a minimum of effort, since no pledge drive is needed to renew or change pledge amounts. Sustainable Stewardship, also known as Recurring Giving, is among the most cost-effective fundraising methods today. Participants commit to a donation amount that is paid regularly – most often monthly, but sometimes quarterly or annually – and continues automatically until it’s changed. Because online giving is safe, secure, and reliable, recurring-giving donations are usually managed electronically. UUSM has contracted with Vanco, a reputable payment-processor, to manage the recurring-giving transactions of our members. Just click the Donate Now button to be directed to payment processing. For more information, refer to the Sustainable Stewardship brochure.

If for some reason you prefer not to use online giving, other methods that will work include checks, electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank account, credit or debit-card transactions, or securities transfers.

For additional information, contact the Sustainable Stewardship chairperson.

Making an Annual Commitment

We ask that each individual or family unit make an annual commitment that will continue on, from year-to-year. Sustainable annual commitments allow our Board and Finance Committee to plan the congregation’s annual budget with some degree of financial reliability. To make an annual financial commitment to UUSM online, click Donate Now, or download and complete the Sustaining Financial Contribution form.

If changes occur in your personal financial situation that either enable you to increase your commitment or require you to reduce it, you may make such changes by clicking Donate Now, or by contacting the UUSM office.

Other Ways to Support UUSM

Sustainable Stewardship is the main source of fundraising to support our community, but there are other ways you can help provide financial support to UUSM. To learn more, visit Other Ways to Give.

You can also click Donate Now to make special-occasion financial contributions to UUSM, such as donations in honor or memory of someone special, or to purchase tickets to a UUSM event.

Have Questions? Need Assistance?

If you need assistance in making a UUSM financial contribution of any kind, contact the UUSM office.