Tom Newman replaces old-style light bulbs with eco-friendly ones.

Our venerable main building is about a century old, so it’s easy to understand the importance of UUSM’s beloved Facilities Committee. This group of stalwart volunteers is responsible for keeping our buildings and grounds in attractive and operational condition. Most of the time that involves minor repairs or replacements, or perhaps sprucing things up with a new coat of paint. When a task gets beyond the capability of our volunteers, the Facilities Committee is tasked with locating, hiring, and supervising a capable outside service provider to make sure the job gets done correctly and at a fair price.

Several times each year, the Facilities Committee holds a Fix-Up Day on a Saturday morning, attracting a large number of UUSM members and friends who wish to participate in giving our buildings and grounds the loving care they deserve. On such days, jobs are available for every skill level and interest. Fix-Up Days culminate with a group lunch, during which each participant gets an opportunity to share the tasks they completed that morning and receive appropriate acknowledgement for a job well done.

John Berdoulay and Diana Candee


Some of the heroes of the February 2019 Fix-It Day:
There’s a job for everyone!

Melinda Henning and Nancy Martin


Roger Jacobs and David Kramer
Leah Simpson








For additional information about the Facilities Committee and to volunteer your assistance, contact the Facilities Team Leads.