Building the ARC: Reimagining Racial Justice Work at UUSM

The members of UUSM’s Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC) review our congregation’s social-justice history, unveil ARC’s ongoing work, and survey the congregation for direction and solidarity to move forward, within and beyond our Beloved Community.

I Used to be Arrogant But Now I’m Perfect

Many religions emphasize God’s perfection. Given the lives we lead, is this ideal helpful, or the cause of shame and feelings of inadequacy? We join the UU Fellowship of Redwood City (UUFRC) for this morning’s service, commencing at 10:30 am, one-half hour later than usual.

The Burning Bowl

We celebrate our annual New Year’s ritual together, at home. Our faith guides us to become “a people of Imagination” by not limiting ourselves. Who do you intend to become in 2021? What do you need to release to have that be so?