What can WE do about Climate Change?

Climate change can make us feel overwhelmed, helpless. UUSM joins the UU Fellowship of Redwood City for 10:30 AM worship featuring Climate Activist Jim Thompson, followed by a workshop about how Jim’s organization–This! Is What We Did–is working to break the fossil fuel industry’s power.

For the Joy of Ear and Eye

Beauty, joy, and unity of spirit! Bring a blossom in your hand for our annual Flower Ceremony, and a song in your heart for our Music Festival, looking back on a year of remote music-making. Our Annual Meeting follows, to make choices for 2021-2022.

The Joys of Pastoral Caring

Pastoral Care team members share what calls them to help others during tough times. Those who do this work say it’s bi-directional: they receive much more through their giving than the recipients of their attentions. It feels good to be a kind, caring, giving person.