Centering Love

It’s easy to list the many injustices, oppressions, and evils we are fighting against, but how often do we re-connect with the world we are fighting for? On this third Sunday of Advent, join Rev. Ranwa Hammamy, Executive Director of the UU Justice Ministry of California, for a shared exploration of what we imagine when we dream of a world with love at the center. Stay afterward for our congregation’s annual Holiday Party! Bring a poinsettia to decorate in celebration of the holiday season. Check out the decoration and jewelry-making tables, and enjoy a lunch provided by the Berdoulay family.

Mixed Blessings

Thanksgiving can be a complex time for people. The story of Thanksgiving itself is complex. We will reflect upon the gratitude and thanksgiving of years past and years future. Join us in the embrace of loving community and for a bowl of “stone” soup prepared … read more.