Transcendentalism: An American Expansion of God

Fundamentally, Transcen­dentalism was and is a Unitarian theological reform movement that revolutionized liberal religion in the new American republic and the world. It legitimized the belief that individual conscience is paramount in religious matters, opening to a greater sense of spiritual wonder and possibility.

Ingathering Service: Merging of the Waters

We combine summer-adventure waters at our first “hybrid” service. Contact the Office to reserve for EITHER in-person worship in the UUSM Courtyard, OR a separate service for children under 12 (vax proof [ages 12 up] and masks required). OR: Join us online via Zoom!


What’s Possible?

Our September theme is “Embracing Possibility,” a foundational element of our faith. Yet, whatever might be possible is so only if what is essential to our health, healing, and well-being is made possible first. What is the essential work of religious community in the world?