Flour Communion: Breaking Bread, Creating Love

“Breaking bread” is an act that crosses communities and faiths. As we strive to create and maintain connections in a physically-distanced world, we explore how this cross-cultural act nourishes not only our bodies, but our hearts and spirits as well. You are invited to “bring” a flour-based food of your choice (gluten-free included!) to our virtual altar for this service. Rev. Hammamy is the executive director of the UU Justice Ministry of California.

Worship (not) @ UUSM this Sunday

In the five months since the global pandemic forced us to shift our mission from onsite to online, UUSM never closed. Our staff and volunteers offered inspiring worship services and spiritual-connection opportunities, prioritized pastoral care, and continued social-justice engagement. Today, our staff and ministerial team … read more.

What’s in your Earthquake Kit?

Earthquakes — and pandemics — happen! If we live in the Bay Area, we probably have a well-stocked earthquake or emergency kit. But what do we pack for the spiritual earthquakes, the unexpected events that shake our very souls? Today we consider how we might … read more.