Something about Jesus

We continue considering God / The Divine, our April congregational theme, this time through the lens of Easter. Rev. Ben explores the centrality of “loving our neighbors as ourselves” in our UU heritage and values. Guest musicians Clovice Lewis and Carol Cole-Lewis offer special music.

Earth Day / Worth Day — Multigenerational Service

What is the relationship between Earth Day and The Divine / God, this month’s congregational theme? RE Director Tanya Webster and Rev. Ben are joined by our UUSM children and Chris LaPaglia to honor and celebrate our seventh principle — the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

Considering the Divine

Completing our consideration of The Divine / God, our congregational theme for the month of April, Rev. Ben offers a UU perspective that “belief in God and belief in no-God abide together: each valued, each respected, each necessary.” This service features special music by Karyn and Shaun Collins, and Paul Zawilski.