Free Will in an Imperfect World

Why does evil exist if God is good? This ancient theological theme, a central conundrum within the Black church and among American Universalists, is the question posed by 2019 Sermon Auction winner Tom McCune. Today commemorates “Juneteenth” and an important Universalist anniversary.

General Assembly Sunday Worship

UUA General Assembly’s Sunday-morning service (at 10:30 AM) will be led by the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis. This congregation exemplifies some of the best practices for the creativity, spiritual depth, and moral leadership possible when we embrace shared ministry rooted in love and justice.

The Future Culture of UUism and Religious Organizations

The pandemic has fundamentally/permanently changed the world. Ministerial Candidate Clovice Lewis explores Church 2.0, which seeks to inform and equip religious organizations to meet spiritual needs in a time of chronic and ongoing crisis. How do we navigate the spiritual waters of disruption? (10:30AM start)

What’s so funny about spirituality?

Come join Shaun Collins and Bill Heavlin for this worship service that’s all about FUN! We’ll explore summer vacation and summer silliness, and share some thoughts about spirituality and humor. LOL!