Re-Imagining the Future of UUSM: Thinking Outside the Box

Our multi-year process of re-creating our spiritual community’s home began with the theme of “Beyond Our Imagining.” Let’s reimagine our vision for this Beloved Community in these times, and beyond. How do we fulfill that vision? Our Winter Congregational Meeting follows.

What if…?

If anger or fear fueled by current events is invading your thoughts and ability to function, know you are not alone. The imagination that sets hearts racing with “worst-case” scenarios and survival strategies is also capable of carving meaningful paths through the months ahead.

A Care-demic Outbreak

Caring for one another is an embodiment of our religious community’s covenant. Hear personal stories from Rev. Ben and members of our Pastoral Care team. Please bring your own stories to share! We will also welcome new members into our growing, expansive, and vibrant congregation.