So you’re ready to become a member of UUSM? That’s great news!

The first thing you should do is get in communication with Connections Coordinator Connie Spearing, who will be happy to explain the process of becoming a member. But here’s a quick and easy summary of the steps that are involved in becoming a member of this community.

Complete the Pledge Form

Our Pledge Form gives you the opportunity to make three different kinds of formal pledges – a financial commitment, a fellowship commitment, and a volunteer commitment. You can download the pledge form here.

Sign the Membership Book

UUSM’s Membership Book is available most Sundays at the Welcome Table in the Ann Benner Room after the worship service or in the UUSM office during office hours – Tuesday through Friday, between 10 am and 5 pm. Your signature must be witnessed by someone from the Membership Team, clergy, or staff. Many new members choose to sign the book on the Sunday during which they participate in their Welcoming Ceremony.

Participate in a formal Membership Welcoming Ceremony

Take part in our formal New Member Welcome Ceremony, a special covenant between you and the congregation. New members receive a flower, a chalice pin, and their member name tag. Members and their guests are invited to a special pre-service gathering during which their pictures are taken for our new-member bulletin board.

We highly recommend you attend the Getting to Know UU gathering; check the congregational calendar to find out when the next one will be happening.

Get involved!

Membership in our congregation is about getting involved and staying involved! Take advantage of the many participation opportunities we have here at UUSM.